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Kicking it Old School — By Kelley Davidson, The Trainer

March 15th, 2010 No Comments

Ok, so you can leave the leg warmers and leotards in the closet, but there are some moves from years past that come back around for a reason.  This is one of my favorite glute and hamstring series – I love to have my clients do it before squats and lunges to get the back side of the leg firing before moving to the multi-muscle exercises.

Starting Position: the band should be on the arch of the foot.

If you are new to exercise you can do all of these movements without a band.  If you need some resistance, start with the band around the instep/arch of the foot with the band running along each side of the working leg.

Drive straight out through the heel sqeezing the glute.

Exercise 1: Hip Extension

Drive directly out through the heel squeezing your glute and hamstring.  Be careful to keep your core engaged without arching your back and your hips parallel.

Lift the straight leg up to hip height and then straight back down to the ground.

Exercise 2:  Straight Leg Lift

Keep your core engaged and lift your straight leg directly up and down using your glute.  Keep your hips parallel and back flat.

Exercise 3:  Outer Glute Squeeze

Starting with the leg at hip height, squeeze the side of the glute to pull the leg directly out to the side.  Be careful not to rotate the hips open, keep them parallel to ground with the core engaged.

With a straight leg at hip height, sqeeze the leg directly out to the side. Hips should stay parallel/"flat".

These movements link together- try 10 of each without resting.

Notice that the stationary leg is working almost as hard as the moving leg! Now when you move on to other exercises (like squats), you’ll find the basic movement more challenging.  In fact, I bet you’re sore the next day just by making this little addition to the beginning of your workout.

If you have any questions about this post or anything else, don’t hesitate to email me at Kelley@morethanmary.com

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