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Stupid Stomach Bug

March 15th, 2010 2 Comments

On Thursday night I came home from the David Gray concert not feeling well.  By 2am, I was restless with pain, and at 3am I saw my dinner again.  YUCK!

At first I thought I had food poisoning, but I had eaten light all day before and at dinner, we all shared pizza and pasta at Dolce Vita.  So that wasn’t it.

By 4am, I didn’t care what it was, I just wanted the vomiting to stop.  I had nothing left in my tummy!

I suffered through the morning trying to eat a cracker and Tums. At 2pm I could barely walk because I was so dehydrated, so I drug myself out of bed, into Mom’s car, and we were off to the doctor.

At this point, we figured I could either have the flu or the stomach bug.  The doctor confirmed it wasn’t the onset of the flu because I didn’t have a temperature or respiratory issues.  Yet, the vomiting ensued, and we determined it was a nasty little stomach bug that just had to “work it’s way through.”


The perscriptions (for nausea and stomach cramping) were only a band aid to help me through the next 34 hours of hell.  And I’m not exaggerating, it’s excruciating.  I could barely keep down water and crackers, but my body was telling me, “I’m starving” on top of everything else.

Friends said, “it’s going around,” and, “oh, my husband had that last week, he toughed it out with Gatorade.” Ugh.

Here’s the odd thing about this little bug.  It seems to only like processed food, which I rarely eat.  I survived the two and a half days on Gatorade, Vitamin Water, Kashi crackers, a Nu Go bar, and water.  I tried a banana, but after that came back up I went back to the crackers.

Yesterday I woke up not feeling 100%, but well enough to get my butt in the car to drive up to Austin to catch the end of SXSW.  I arrived in time for dinner and wouldn’t you know the only thing I could stomach was mashed potatoes and here I am this morning still feeling woozy.

You’re probably wondering, “why is she telling me all of this!”  Well, I think you should know it’s “going around” and should you get it, here’s my advice:

  • Go to the doctor asap and save yourself that initial morning of pain.
  • Stock up on crackers, Vitamin Water or Gatorade, NOT SODA (which will make you burp, which leads to….)
  • You won’t make it to the bathroom every time so get a trash can for your bed side.
  • Rent movies.  You’ll be restless and need a distraction that doesn’t require focus.
  • Cut out at least 3 days to recover IN BED.

I’m going to rally this afternoon to see a few panels at the conference.

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  • Ed

    Sorry that you’re not feeling well! Get better soon!

  • Sarah

    Ahhh!!! Poor Mary! My sister (and a bunch of her college friends in the dorm) had something similar a few weeks ago. How awful! I hope you feel better and thanks for the good, healing advice.