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Big Sexy Hair! – By Kallah Maguire, The Stylist

March 16th, 2010 No Comments

Hair extensions are about as common as spray tans here in LA, but some of us have just now mustered up the courage (and cash) to check them out.  I’m on my second round and still loving them.  I have baby fine hair and was looking for a little length and body, so when I met Kennedy Van Dyke over lunch and found out that she is an extension specialist, I jumped on the opportunity to have her work her magic on my super fine hair.  I mean seriously, thickness and length all within two hours – I’m sold!

I didn’t know exactly what to expect the first time I went in to see Kennedy, so she answered all of my questions:

How the bonds work?

They are not harmful to natural hair and come out easily when you spray a mineral oil based solution directly onto the bonds.   This breaks them up (they kind of crumble) and the extension comes out easily.

Care for my “new” hair?

  • Don’t put conditioner near the bonds.
  • Blow dry the bonds any time they get wet.
  • Braid or put my hair back if I’m sleeping or running.

Will it hurt?

Nope. (And I actually find it really relaxing.)

How long will they last?

About 3-4 months, but you can get another set put in. Most clients don’t like to be without their extensions even for a day, so they’ll have two sets in rotation – while one is being re-tipped the other will be in their hair.  The initial cost of the extensions is the most expensive part, but getting them re-tipped is a little more than half the original price.

Re-tipped? Can I reuse the same hair?

Some people like to get new hair each time that they have their extensions done because if you just have them re-tipped you’re losing a little length each time.  Although in our current economy, most people are opting to re-tip instead of re-purchase hair each time.

Make your appointment with Kennedy Van Dyke today!
Kennedy specializes in extensions and color, but she also gives a mean hair cut ; )

Warren Tricomi Salon
8327 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 651-4545

Prices for extensions start at $800 and go up from there – everyone is evaluated and priced on an individual basis depending on their needs.

Full disclosure:  I was not given a discount in exchange for writing this post.

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