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Visualize and Achieve – By Mike Mulhall, The Entrepreneur

March 17th, 2010 No Comments

-By Mike Mulhall, The Entrepreneur

In the books, magazines, and blogs I read, everyone is talking about the power of visualizing your success.

One book in particular said that visualizing your goals in your mind is one thing, but creating a tangible visual aid is even more powerful.

I always tell colleagues one of my ultimate goals is to be on the cover of Wired magazine.  So, instead of just imagining the light at the end of my entrepreneurial tunnel, I made it shine right in front of my face literally.  Honestly, deep down, I can see it happening! It’s a great feeling.

I used Adobe Photoshop, but I found some great sites anyone can use to create magazine cover. Let’s face it, if you make it onto on the cover of your industry’s magazine, you’re doing well. The sites are:

But look beyond my example.  A magazine doesn’t have to be your beacon.  Visualize whatever it is for you and then make a tangible reminder to keep you on track. Get creative and try having fun with it. Maybe your goal is to buy a new car or a house in the near future. Try it out and see what happens.