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My Personal Guide To Playa Del Carmen For The Houston Chronicle

March 19th, 2010 11 Comments

You’ve all seen pics of Adrien and I basking in the sun and sipping mojitos and Mexico, but you don’t really know all the details or where exactly our little slice of heaven exists.  Last Sunday put all of my secrets in ink so that when you make your way to the sandy white beaches south of the border, you’ll know how to live like a local instead of getting caught in the tourist traps.

I’ve included the the intro below, click through to read the whole guide.  It’s pretty detailed and all you really need to know if you have a few days to relax and explore.  Enjoy!

“Before I elaborate on one of the most beautiful corners of Mexico, let me dispel three misconceptions. First: The only places to vacation in Mexico start with a “C” —– Cabo, Cancun and Cozumel. If those have been your destinations, it’s no wonder you have fallen victim to the second fallacy: Mexico is only suitable only for college kids on spring break looking to drink themselves into a stupor.

Now, picture an expanse of fine white sand with rolling pale-blue waves under a clear sky. You’re sitting on a cushioned chaise with a mojito in hand and fresh ceviche on the way. The scenery sounds like the Caribbean, but you took only a two-hour flight to this slice of paradise on the Riviera Maya. The Europeans have been traveling more than five times the distance for years; where have you been?” READ THE FULL STORY

(P.S. The article online is riddled with typos that were certainly not present in my drafts or the paper.  It really begs the question:  why not just cut and paste?)

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  • heidi

    This is my favorite place in Mexico and I am glad for the restaurant suggestions.

  • Margaret

    We stayed at the Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso for our honeymoon – highly recommend it! http://www.iberostar.com/EN/Riviera-Maya-hotels/Iberostar-Grand-Hotel-Paraiso_3_117.html

  • ctbob

    There is something cosmic going on with your spelling issues.

    • Bob-

      Crazy that after multiple people edited my article they could possibly publish the typos. I lost count after a while. People tell me to hire an editor, but if this is the result, I’d rather just give Mason the title.

  • Selo

    You should post your draft here Mary, the spelling and grammar errors and typos are distractingly bad.

  • Sara


    If you want to be a writer, this is basic. Hate to be the grammar czar, but it’s particularly cringe-worthy in a complaint about poor editing.

  • franchesca

    congrats on the article mary. if there are typos in the online version, contact the site and send them a corrected copy.

  • jaydee

    As a newspaper veteran i can tell you: those newspapers even lucky enough to still have travel sections (or auto sections, or book sections) in their sunday editions, understaff them like you wouldn’t believe. These people are repsonsible for both laying out and photo-sizing and editing and assigning stories and planning next week’s edition… and the list goes on. Usually for more than one section. And usually for shit pay and lots of deadline pressure.

    Fair or not, basic spell errors end up being the writer’s repsonsibility. Your disappontment in seeing the “finished” product riddled with errors is understandable. But the fault is mostly yours. Lesson learned?

    Also, never complain about the job a newspaper editor does on your copy. Especially not in public/ on a blog. These people are already pissed half the time. That’s a great way to make sure errors “mistakenly” get left in your copy next time. Or more, likely, that theree will not be a next time at all. The world, Texas included, is filled with would-be travel writers to take your place. And editors hold grudges.

    • The draft in the paper did not have those errors.

  • franchesca


    “Also, never complain about the job a newspaper editor does on your copy. Especially not in public/ on a blog.”

    i second this

    • Franchesca and Jaydee,

      I don’t have an issue with the editor at all. The article that ran in the paper was flawless. In fact, I re-read it after the edit before it ran to make sure.

      However, the copy that they published online is not the same.

      Out of frustration, several readers have advised me to hire an editor (truth be told, I wish I could). For this piece I had one and somehow the end result was flawed (more so than the draft I turned in).

      I don’t mean to assign blame, it was just upsetting that a draft of the article existed without the blatant typos and for some reason it didn’t end up on the website. When I directed you to read the whole thing, I knew the errors would come back on my shoulders and for once, they weren’t the result of my inability to click spell check or re-read my own work.