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$30 for 30 Days – Bikram Yoga NYC

March 22nd, 2010 5 Comments

Right now Bikram Yoga NYC is offering 30 days of classes for $30.  That’s a really good deal even if you only go once a week (which is about all I could handle).


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  • Adrienne

    Fantastic- I need to get myself to Yoga and this studio sounds great, I can’t find the deal on the website though, how do I get it?


    • I will let you know asap when she tells me deal is up!

      I can’t believe they sent a press release for something they aren’t even doing yet.

  • Sarah

    Wait – where do you see $30 for 30 days. Their phone person just told me $23 for 7 days?!

  • The publicist sent me a press release so I’m asking her now how you can get it. It’s possible they haven’t informed their locations yet.

  • Murphy

    I was just at a Bikram Yoga NYC class yesterday and I think the $30/30 days deal goes like this: if you are a new student to Bikram Yoga NYC (not Bikram in general, mind you. .. just their studio) and attend their open house at their UWS studio on April 10, 5 pm, then you are eligible for the $30/30 day deal … a lot of hoops but definitely still worth it!