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A Free Apple Fritter? Yes please!

March 22nd, 2010 2 Comments

I never order pastries at Starbucks, but if I’m indulging there’s no way I would choose the I-Am-Still-Loaded-With-Saturated-Fat-And-Sugar “Reduced Fat Coffee Cake.”  Go for the glaze or go home!

(Photo via TheDailyJulie – one of my favorite tumblrs)

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  • jj

    Gross. What does this have to do with your site? Is this a paid advertisement? I’m kinda not buying you eat this, or advocate eating this. . . or, um, should. Not sure Starbucks needs your help anyway.

    • Jerome,

      You stuck around man!

      I don’t often eat the apple fritters, but every once in a while…..

      I wasn’t trying to promote Starbucks here, but just alerting people to a tasty freebie on EVERY CORNER of every major city in the US and Europe for that matter.