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Help Me Help Frank

March 24th, 2010 3 Comments

I have a black thumb, which is why I eat greenery not grow it, I suppose.  Apparently Trey’s dexterity with plants is equal if not worse than mine.

Meet Frank, who is surprisingly not the victim of abandonment.

When Trey got his first job out of law school I gave him Frank to spruce up his cold, artless office.  I’m shocked he’s lasted this long.  But when I visited my boys today, Trey suggested I might want to take him home for some TLC.  I did, thinking I couldn’t really harm him any more.  The thing is…I have NO IDEA how to help him.  Obviously he needs a new pot with fresh soil, but is there some special combo I should know about?

I’m thinking you might have some insight here on how we can save poor Frank from the compost pile.

Comments below regarding Frank’s care are greatly appreciated!

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  • Adrienne

    Make sure you put some rocks or pieces of broken clay pots in the bottom so it drains effectively and make sure to get an indoor plant potting soil. Wet the soil a little bit and fill the new pot most of the way, stick frank in and cover up a lot of his current stem that is sticking out- this way he’ll sprout new leaves! Don’t pack the soil down hard, just fill it and gently pack it. Water him as soon as you finish potting and you’re done! The number 1 mistake I see people make with house plants is over watering. Water him only when he is very dry!

  • Lily

    He looks like he needs a bigger pot. I agree with Adrienne, though if you don’t have rocks you can always use Styrofoam. Also, I recommend getting a planter that has drainage holes at the bottom. Good luck! He looks like a hardy plant so he’ll probably enjoy a bigger planter.

    • Thanks for the tips Adrienne and Lily! I’ll get to the nursery asap now that I know what to get.