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I’m Off Again and I’m Taking MTM with me.

March 26th, 2010 4 Comments

“Hey look, it’s “that guy” (my annoying and often irresponsible traveling persona) taking pictures of herself at the airport again.  Wonder where she’s off to now….oh, you want me to take your picture?  Ummm, ok which button do I push?  The one on the screen. Got it.”

“Yep, it looks great, you’re welcome.  Have fun.”

I might have to start traveling with a tripod ;)

And now to address why I’m at the airport.

You didn’t expect I was going to stay in Houston very long before jetting off again, did you?  I’m taking my new gypsy lifestyle seriously (hehe).   It’s spring break which means absolutely nothing in my world, but I need a vacay so spring break here I come.

I’m trading in my bikini for bunny gear and hitting the slopes.  Last year’s trip to Aspen was so much fun so I’m THRILLED to be invited back.

But you know me, I never leave work completely behind.  Although it might seem that way….Starting Monday, I will be taking MTM down to work on some changes, many of which are the result from your very honest and helpful feedback.  I’ve finally found a programmer that has the time to work on the site (after going through 3!!! who were over-extended and decided to wait a week before telling me).  We should be back online by April 5 (fingers crossed) and hopefully you will find the site more to your liking (I really do want you to be happy).

Along with other issues, I know a lot of you have missed the window into my life and frequent pictures of Mason.   When we return, I think the new format will allow us to integrate quality content you’ll love and pictures from my life so you can keep up.

Before I go, I’ll throw in a little head to toe.

The Best Pic I Could Get Head To Toe:

  • Gucci sunnies
  • Old Valentino cashmere blend, reversible cape
  • Rodebjer blouse from Encore/Mom’s closet
  • Assets undershirt*
  • Miss Sixty Jeggins (which we called stretch jeans when I bought them 5 years ago)
  • Tory Burch boots (that I still get a million compliments on)
  • Tory Burch bag (see comment above….people are still shocked she makes stuff without the in-your-face TT branding)

BTW, have you ever had your shoes shined in the airport?

The shoe shine guy charmed me into sitting down in his chair, and I’m so glad I did!  For $5, he did a much better job than my cobbler who charges $10.  I gave him $15 because I was so impressed (and obviously they live off tips).

One more thing….

I love this blouse I stole from Mom’s closet.  It looks pretty mousey on the hanger, but it’s actually beautiful and feminine on.  And I’m obsessed with the brushed gold buttons.

Well, that’s about it.  I’m off.

If you need me in the interim, feel free to email me: mary@morethanmary.com.

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  • Julie Cook

    my dad is a huge (HUGE) fan of the people at airports that shine your shoes. in fact he frequents them so much (as he also travels frequently) that he’s been quoted in his fair share of articles about shoe shining (even though his real profession is more tech based than anything else).

    I think there is something so gentile and old fashioned about the shoe shining folks at airports. I always take pause to give them a good once over and notice what they are doing/look like/up to.

    p.s. can’t wait to see the new site!

  • Dan Langworthy


    Shoe shines at the airports are the best. I fly for an airline based in Houston out of Bush Intercontinental and they really have the BEST shoe shine guys. Not sure which Houston airport you go in an out of, but if you’re ever at IAH, give them a try!

  • Jackie

    Have fun, Mary–excited to see what you come up with!

  • Sarah

    Have a great trip Mary! Can’t wait to see the new iteration of MTM!