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Babies and lovely ladies before the sunrises.

April 7th, 2010 No Comments

I’m awake and too excited to go back to sleep.

After a dream of time-traveling lovers who were just caught by the Germans, I was thankful to wake up and leave them behind. I then realized I had forgotten to set my alarm on my phone for an early meeting. Grabbing my phone means checking my email.

Well, what do we have here?!!!


Wait there’s more!

G has gone into labor and Baby Girl is coming today!!! How exciting. Poor G, that’s gonna hurt, but obviously worth every bit of it.

Now my mind is going….

Back in my email, Charles has sent another shoe update from Neimans. Check out this lovely lady! Sophisticated and funky all on one stiletto. Gorgeous! Wish she was mine!

So, now my eyes are fully dialated and there’s no turning back…

You start thinking about how many outfits these little ladies will go with, your heart gets going a little too fast, and you’ve lost any chance of sleep for the next hour.

I’m turning Lost back on, that should do the trick.

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