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April 9th, 2010 No Comments


Tonight, I won as a friend and failed as a blogger.

This morning I got on a plane with the intent to surprise Sarah, one of my favorite people in the world for her birthday.*  Seeing as that was my one goal, I won this day, and I have tear stains on my blouse to prove it.  As much as I wish I had great Kodak moment pictures of the look on Sarah’s face when I stood next to her and joined in on her conversation at the restaurant, followed by a huge hug, and the sweetest tears I’ve ever seen, I can live with the memory in my head.  Unfortunately I can’t really share it all with you.

I could go on about the drama that surrounded preparing her birthday table that would be enjoyed by another party, but really none of that matters.  What’s important is that minutes before Sarah got to the restaurant, she repeated, “I wish you were here, seriously, I wish you were here.”  And I got to say, “awww, me too love.”

And then I was there!  I’ve never experienced that before and to see the light in her eyes felt really good.  Because Sarah is truly a genuine, selfless, caring friend, and I am glad to feel like I can keep up.

From dinner we went to meet the rest of her crew at Donnybrook, where I finally got the cocktail I had been waiting for after my day.  She partied on, but Adrien and I had to call it a night.  To my surprise when I got back to Meghan’s house, I was attacked by a monster (Lily, Julia’s dog) that I hadn’t seen in too long.  We spent some quality time together back in the day, and Lily will never forget it. Amazing dogs can remember that stuff.

A few sips of a decaf coffee and I’m ready to hit the hay in NYC.

Night night.

(* I am on my way to Mexico; my “lay over” is more like a detour to NYC :)

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