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“America’s Back”-Really?

April 21st, 2010 No Comments

Aside from Google reporting its earnings, the government bailouts are the hot topic right now.  The bold statement “America’s Back” was emblazed on the cover of Newsweek.  So is this propaganda or are we really making a comeback?

Usually I get most of my news from CNN, whether that be on tv, online, or via my mobile app.  But while in NYC I picked up a copy of The New York Times (my favorite newspaper), and remembered why I love it so much.  The writers give an informed, articulate perspective without the fluff (and incessant plugs to follow them on Twitter).

Check out “Imagine The Bailouts Are Working” written by Andrew Ross Sorkin who elaborates on why people are optimistic.  But he also offers the other circumstances that might make you think otherwise.  You can then draw your own conclusion on how you would define success in this scenario.

I really think you’ll enjoy the article.

Have you found any other interesting opinions on this topic?  What is your resource?

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