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Have you been to Crickets yet? (Houston, TX)

April 22nd, 2010 No Comments

The latte at Crickets in the Heights is my favorite in Houston. And the place is so cute. The owner, John, named the cafe after his whimsical wife and offers a solid healthy menu with fresh specials like veggie quiche, soups, and lasagna daily.


Check out the foam on my latte!

There’s something about the way other countries paturized thier milk, or raise the cows…whatever they’re doing, it makes the most creamy milk (even nonfat milk) that when steamed produces sweet, thick foam. Not that I use sugar, but you really wouldn’t need it. Here’s the funny thing, even when using the same delicious milk as the cafes, Starbucks still can’t make a compatable latte.

(Photo taken two days ago in Playa. Missing Mexico and its lattes this morning.)

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