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OPI v. Essie

April 23rd, 2010 No Comments


Dear Sarah,

A couple weeks ago you posted the question about Essie and OPI polish, which one is better?

We all toss around this question, and I’ve finally concluded that the durability of your manicure has more to do with who, not even where, but which which lady gives you the service.

My last one from Lucy (at B&B Nails on 30th and Lex) has been my go-to gal in NYC for three years. In fact, I usually take a can straight from JFK to see her – she’s that good (and always booked so you need an appointment).

Her manis always last 8 days. Then I start peeling away (see above). Otherwise, I get about 5 days.

Of course the polish matters, but I think the manicurist is even more important. And, it doesn’t have to be super expensive. A mani-pedi from Lucy is $35.

And…she’s good at picking the right color combo for your skin tone.

Go check her out!

Hope this helps.

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