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Decorating my new apt with a little bit of everything

May 2nd, 2010 No Comments

Life is full of difficult choices.

After growing up with wood furniture and antiques, I just can’t stand the stuff. And with my limited knowledge of decorating DIY (and shameless laziness), I am unable to imagine how any of this stuff can be useful. Plus, Karen and I have decided we’re just tired of looking at our stuff. So Ikea here I come!

Tres chic shopping at Ikea on a Friday night.  You’re all envious aren’t you?

Honestly, I don’t have anything against Ikea or bargain bin treasures (like the chair frame that was $20 and my totally hot glass dining room table was $90.  Both were in the the “As-Is” section.).  But, it can get a little frustrating after a while.

On the right you’ll see the loot we grabbed today.  I think we made out like bandits.  Whether we did or not, I’m almost done furniture shopping and haven’t had to hit a garage sale yet. Saaaaweeet!

LOVE Marshall’s for home accessories. There were a couple of things we wanted that were a little steep, but otherwise, you can find some fun stuff you really don’t need to add a little color.


A better view of our loot, round 2. Not sure if I’ll use all of it, but we wanted to play around.

What color to paint the accent wall. I’m the most indecisive person even when it comes to dinner. All three look great to me…. But I think we’ve settled on “Anonymous” on the far left. The colors we chose pop best off of the neutral gray. Thank goodness Jarrod is here! And he is so productive.

Strategizing accent wall with another hottie…yep, he’s gay. He’s thinking ombré faux paint. I’m thinking expensive!!! But it would look amazing.

I have a little helper who is useful for tasks other than packing (and photographing!) my shoes. Jarrod loves to decorate too (thank goodness!). Tonight we’re not only celebrating my new apartment, but also his promotion at 002 and hottie bf. I forsee a bottle of rose after our hard day of assembling and unpacking. P.S. How cute is his moving outfit?! I look like a schlub and he’s in unwrinkled white shorts.

Working away. Jarrod put this whole Ikea tv stand thing together. After watching (he insisted he didn’t need help), I think he deserves an award or at least a plaque. Now he’s off to Polo and I’m putting on the finishing touches. Earlier today I pulled out my back so I’ve been pretty useless. Next I’m off to Home Depot to get paint and get started on the accent wall. Other accomplishments today: couch, bed, groceries, and organized closets (thanks Michael, my shoes look lovely!). Sorry for the terrible picture, but there’s nothing glamorous about moving.

A friend of mine said we should have taped my move for HGTV. My response, “Yeah, the blooper reel!” We’ve broken a few things (exhibit A above), splattered paint, you name it. So much fun and easy to fix, but certainly not exemplary of how to move efficiently. Haha.

My view right now. I’ve missed having a ceiling fan.

It’s my first night in the new apartment!

Needless to say I am overwhelmed with different feelings, but I’m overall pleased with my decision to stay. I promise to divulge more soon. Just give me some time to work it all out for myself :)

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