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May 3rd, 2010 No Comments

One of the things that makes me nervous in life is interior decorating.  Sad (and pathetic) but true.  Because I have an eye for fashion, I can’t figure out why decorating is so nerve-racking for me.

At this point, all I have is a bed for my new apartment, so I’m pretty much starting from scratch.  However, I don’t want to buy a bunch of crap.  So I’m hoping you can help me out with tips, websites, tricks, and affordable solutions for my decorating dilemma.

I like a modern aesthetic, but comfortable, with interesting art. But as far as colors and patterns go, I am usually shocked at what I end up liking because I would have never chosen it on my own.

Please email me or leave a note below.  I REALLY appreciate your help! Thank you.

Ok, so what are your thoughts?

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