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In Which I Explain What The H Is Going On In My Life

May 5th, 2010 No Comments

I’ll be honest….

The blog is a bit of a mess.  And I am the one to blame.

Graphic design is not one of my strengths.  So when we changed a couple things around, the aesthetic no longer fit the structure.  A few more changes and it looked like I let Perez Hilton loose on my homepage.  Kidding, but it isn’t a pretty site.

So, without further delay:

In Which I Explain What The H Is Going On In My Life

As promised, I’m going to explain how I came to live in Houston and what I am doing that keeps me so busy.

Where to begin….

Well, you know I’ve been in Houston a lot since the new year.  And because I am from here, it’s been a comfortable place to live and work.  It’s no Playa del Carmen, but there are several things I have liked about being home.

Secondly, the blog while technically it is “successful” because brands I work with are happy and traffic keeps growing, the bottom line is turning a deeper shade of red as the renovation continues.  It’s so frustrating on so many levels! But from a revenue perspective, I get amazing feedback, but no one is willing to pay a small price to “sponsor” the site.  I mean, why should they if the cow is giving away the milk for free, but if I’m able to generate more business than their larger ventures, then why not help me out.

Which leads me to the issue of ads.  I have a serious issue with traditional ads because they clutter the content.  If I’m going to place a banner on my site, I want it to be a brand that I genuinely like and think you would benefit from.

So, instead of selling out, I have taken on yet another job (because writing, editing, managing, designing, marketing, producing, and pitching a website is just not enough).

After much evaluation of my strengths, weaknesses, and passions, I established a job for myself that I really enjoy.  I’m sure it’s no surprise I have chosen to consult other companies on their branding and marketing strategies.  Yep, I’m a consultant. In this capacity, I am assessing a company’s brand within their industry and the community, creating a new message for that brand, and strategizing how to market and promote it.  I’m actually really enjoying it because I get to collaborate with different people, always have a new project on my plate, and maintain my own schedule.  That being said, keeping up with all of it is a bit overwhelming…Plus the travel that goes with it!

But! Spreading myself thin pays well, allows me to live in a nice apartment, and keep my blog the way I want it (and hopefully the way you like it).

I’m actually very happy with my current life choices.  Don’t get me wrong, I miss being a gypsy already. But since my travel is still frequent, the blog will stay interesting, and I’m a happy camper.

And Playa is only two hours away :)

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