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No, I’m Not Going To The Junior League Head To Toe

May 6th, 2010 No Comments

No, I’m Not Going To The Junior League Head To Toe:

Go ahead, get a good chuckle in first…..

  • Necklace from…??? I forget
  • Ann Taylor dress (found by my stepmom, you know I wasn’t in there)
  • Belt from forever ago
  • Bracelets by R.J. Graziano
  • Guiseppe Zanotti shoes
  • Chanel tote

I guess it could have been titled “Nothing New Here” Head to Toe.  But the southern Mommy style is so overwhelming I had to cop up to it.  Here’s the thing….I have no idea how to dress for an “office” setting because all of the offices I have worked in have always allowed jersey dresses and jeans.  So, now I’m just trying to fit in.  This outfit admittedly doesn’t, but it’s “conservative” and unoffensive.  Yesterday’s attire for my afternoon meetings was completely boring.  I’m just trying to find a middle ground between fashionable and corporate.

Today I have a lunch meeting at Grotto and then a few mini meetings with client employees.

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