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A note to those of you interning

May 6th, 2010 No Comments

Read my letter of recommendation for “MaryTern” (aka Sarah, my intern you loved from Fashion Week).

If you’re interning, you probably don’t have to take on as much as she did in such a short time, so you should make sure you’re performance is comparable, if not better.  Because Sarah is your competition and she’s not even in college yet!

Here is part of the letter:

During her internship, Sarah worked as a producer for my livestream coverage and mediator to my audience.  Without having much experience in either video or social media, Sarah quickly learned the skills she needed to use a difficult online studio platform and control the constant communication on the chat and twitter feeds.  Concurrently she also managed my hectic schedule and worked as a production assistant on site while we filmed.  With all of this on her plate, she established her own system to organize the tasks and managed to keep her composure under pressure.

In two weeks, Sarah learned more about social media and video streaming than most would in a semester of college.  And she proved herself to be competent, meticulous, independent, and unconditionally dedicated to completing every task to the best of her ability.

Needless to say, I was truly impressed with her performance.  She exceeded all of my expectations!

Should you bring her on your team, I have no doubt she will be the MVP.

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