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A day at my “Vegas” pool

May 9th, 2010 No Comments

Something a little bit lighter for the grill today. Don’t look for me to be over the flame, Gavin’s taking the lead on this one. I’m not sure if it’s just my southern sensibilty, but I believe a man grills and a woman cooks. And I enjoy following that tradition :)

My building is fratastic.

We’re secretly jealous of the pool beer pong.

Everyone should be openly jealous of chef Gavin’s Bilbao scallops with a chili zaffron rose marinade atop grilled green apples and seasoned prosciutto with a balsamic drizzle. No surprise he’s a restauranteur. Yum!

Best. Halibut. Ever.

On a grill.

This week, I’ve eaten out every night in the restaurant capital of the USA and Gavin’s halibut with a light marinade, purple basil, tangerine with a hint of magic puts it all to shame. No exaggeration here.

And my summer side salad was a lovely little addition ;)

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