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May 21st, 2010 No Comments

A lot of people are still resistant to engaging in social media to enhance their business.  So for one of my clients, I have created a bare bones outline for them to follow so that posting becomes easily integrated into their hectic work schedule.

All people need is a little help to get the blog rolling (pun intended).

(Please note: I have linked their tumblr, FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.  We’ve also set up their iPhones with apps and text capabilities to make it even easier to keep up.

GOALS (Minimums)

  • 3 tweets a day.
  • 3 -5 quick posts a week.
  • 1 content post per week



  1. Take a picture of whatever you’re working on and write a little explanation of it.
  2. Text/tweet what is happening right now.
  3. Twitter
  • Check your Tweetdeck to see if anyone has tweeted you.
  • Retweet one thing someone else says.
  • Find one new person or business to follow.


Tweet one thing about your lunch: food, restaurant, or companion.


  1. Take a picture of whatever you’re working on and write a little explanation of it.
  2. Text/tweet what is happening right now.


MONDAY: Blog about your objectives for the week.

TUESDAY: Write first draft of your weekly “content” post – this will be a short explanation about your business. Send to Mary for review and to J to find a relevant picture.  Best if you have a picture from your work.

Examples: Standards, eco-friendly products and practices, easy tricks to making your something more efficient, a company that makes a product you like, finishes, a way to save $$, etc.

WEDNESDAY: Take a picture of yourself and write something about you, what you’re feeling, and/or your activities on this day.

THURSDAY: Take a picture of a project/object that is relevant to your industry. This can also be about something one of your competitors does well.

FRIDAY: Appreciation for client or company you have worked with during the week.

WEEKEND: One picture and personal note about something you’re up to with friends or family.

I know it’s basic, but most of us need to start at the very beginning when we incorporate something foreign into our lives for reasons we don’t fully understand.  It’s like when your mom told you veggies were good for you; you didn’t get it at the time, but now you actually really enjoy broccoli aside from its nutritional benefits.

Blogging is free, simple, and a proven efficient way to help market your business.  Now, of course there is more strategy involved, but you have to take one step at a time.

Tweet this!Tweet this!