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May 23rd, 2010 No Comments


Below is a post entitled “Kate Moss Wore Her Romper Backwards” on The Cut (NY Mag’s Fashion Blog) that is completely thoughtless.  See my thought  inserted into the text on her uneducated commentary.

“Angelina Jolie started it when she wore her Max Azria gown backward to the SAG awards last year. This year Amanda Seyfried wore a cocktail dress backward to a film premiere in April, thus hiding its more interesting side.”

  • Women were doing this long before last year and certainly not because of Angelina.  We don’t always use celebs for inspiration.  

“Today, Kate Moss launched her spring/summer Topshop collection in London wearing a romper from the line — backward. We can see why she did it, since the black contrast buttons look nice in the front underneath the blazer. But we wonder how these starlets get away with wearing things backward, since the fronts of things made for women are usually sewn to accommodate boobs. Without the proper tailoring — and good tailoring, at that — wouldn’t they have a boob tent jutting out their backs?”

  • Actually, that was more like 90’s.  These days, most clothing isn’t tailored to accommodate women with boobs, and any woman who has them can attest to that.  Secondly, the trend in blouses and tops is a loose, flowing fit, which is why women have been pulling the switch for years and appreciating the versatility.

“Kate nicely avoids the problem of back boob and the hassle of tailoring it with the jacket.”

  • As you can see, this jumper doesn’t have the “boob tent” at all, so that really isn’t a problem.

“But why didn’t she just design this so that the buttons are in the front if that’s how she likes it?”

  • Now this is a good point!

“It’s not like she’s lacking attention.”

  • Hh? Attention for what?  Her chest?  Her designs?  The collection?  This makes no sense.

I think sometimes bloggers take for granted that their content gets skimmed by readers instead of absorbed.  (I’ll admit I am guilty of this.)  Even on the BFD websites.

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