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Smile Friday: No Lip Gloss Edition

May 23rd, 2010 No Comments

Smile Friday: No Lip Gloss Edition

For some reason, my last three Fridays have been packed!  Meetings back to back.  And in my down time, I’m returning emails.  Basically a solid work day, but there’s just something about the day “Friday” that incinuates that maybe the workload will be lighter….we might be able to slack off a bit…..

Totally different from my entrepreneur mentality that used to have me working at all hours of the night and being pissed off that I couldn’t get a response from people on weekends and holidays.

Back to the real issue here – my dry lips!

My next appointment is starting late, but I don’t think I have time to run downstairs and grab some gloss.  It’s KILLING me.  So here you have me (in a Jil Sander shirt from Encore and Charlotte Ruse tank paired with the black slacks Mason requested) with parched lips.

Mason is obviously being very disruptive (to the one other person in the lounge) so the building management has asked that I put him back in my apartment.

“Dog friendly” my ass!


Lip gloss is “Wind” by Jouer – my go-to au-natural for the summer.  I realize I’m not the ONLY person who knows about this fab new cosmetic line now.  I saw a fashionista lacquering up her lips with a bright red tube of Jouer at Tiny Boxwoods the other day.  I’m glad people are catching on.

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