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What’s the best bar?? Nutritionista?

May 23rd, 2010 No Comments

Your Nutritionista: Ask It: The Best Bar

Nutritionista writes:

I got a few questions about snack bars after I wrote a post expressing my distaste for Clif Bars.

Anonymous asked: I just read your post about Clifbars. What do you think about the healthiness Trail Mix bars?

krrristen asked: Just read your entry on cliffbars and I was wondering…

Click through to see how she analyzes the ingredients.  Both of us have the same conclusions on bars.  Eat them only if you have to.  Otherwise try to grab fruit or nuts as snacks.

My “Only if I have to” bars:

  • Odawalla
  • Gnu fiber bars
  • NuGo (because they just taste so good)
  • Green Energy
  • Freddie’s Energy
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