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Blogging for An Audience

May 24th, 2010 No Comments

Blogging for An Audience

Whether or not you’re blogging out of passion or obligation, you need to know HOW to write a post that people will enjoy reading so much they return to your site to read the latest and greatest of your experiences.

Let me clarify, this post is not an article on strategy and SEO.  Most people who are compelled to share their thoughts, tips, and recommendations are doing so because they feel like they have valuable information that will enrich someone else’s life.  But as we all know, that doesn’t mean people will absorb the information.

The key is to write a “potent” post:  be entertaining and informative in the least amount of words.  In blogging (and the digital space as a whole), there is no such thing as perfect.  So “potent” is as close as we can get. The skill has taken me years to even become aware of, and now I usually blog with the tenet in mind.

Before you earn the attention of an audience, and later their trust, you will need to include 2 of the 4 of the following components in a post.  Under the title or picture, you will need:

  • A sexy statement: This is usually the title.  Something clever that instantly captivates a person’s senses.  (When you link your blog to your FB and twitter, this statement will lure people to click through to your blog).
  • Circumstance: Where, when, how, why are you posting this.
  • The nugget: Information that’s unique that people will incorporate into their life.
  • Character: Something that lets your reader get to know you as a person, which will help build trust.

Bottom line: whichever two you choose, the combo needs to be written honestly and in your voice.  Don’t try to be something you’re not.  Write almost like you speak, but with a little more structure.

Here is an example of a post I helped a new blogger compose.  We headlined the post with a picture of him preparing a cocktail with Hoegaarden beer.

  • Sexy Statement: You definitely want to take this “Ho” home.
  • Circumstance: In this pic, I’m spicing up a Hoegaarden.  Which I pronounce “Ho-garden” knowing full well, it’s “Who-garden” – but that’s what I say.
  • Nugget: For me, I like it with Peach Lambech and a fresh orange slice.  The orange is nothing new to you, but the Lambech brew makes the beer even smoother.
  • Character: More to come of this nature.  Mary tells me I need to share all of my secrets. I’m game.  I’ll try anything once.

As he did in this entry, you can offer more than 2 categories.  But remember, on the web, attention is nil, and you’ll only get a reader to glance so you want to communicate the big picture.

Of course, there are many exceptions to these guidelines.  And as your readers begin to trust you, they’ll devote more time to your written word.  I’ll go on about the caveats, but as this is a blog, I’m leaving you here.  Wanting more ;)

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