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June 1st, 2010 No Comments

I LOVE this magazine!

It’s wonderfully pretentious and makes no excuses for appreciating the finest things California has to offer.

Open the magazine and you’re greeted with ads from Cartier and Bulgari, you then flip to party pics of socialites from the oldest money families the state has to offer (and of course a few celebs) decked out in couture, move on to diamond studded accessories and designer clothes, and finish off with lush editorial spreads. What more can a girl ask for?!

Andy and I used to read this mag poolside at The Beverly Hills Hotel. Oh the good ole days….He was so sweet to send it to me as a reminder that the gold coast misses me :)

Get out your pens ladies!

You know I’m a shoe fanatic, but when I read C, my inner lust for baubles and beads rears it’s diva head.

I always find a couples things to add to my wish list. It starts here on page 40 with this Bulgari ceramic ring. Obviously it’s versatility is appealing, and it still has character.

Adding on to the wishlist: David Yurman bangles.

One of these lovely ladies (I think the heart is precious) and you wouldn’t need anything else on your hand…well, the hand of your handsome husband wrapped in yours would be nice!

Seriously though, the simplicity of a bracelet like this means you can wear it with anything, even with a black tie gown. When we dress up, usually we feel like we need to be decked out in bling, but truly less can be more. You would wear this forever, at the very least a thousand times.

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