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What’s with all the mac, man?

June 16th, 2010 No Comments

Q:hollice asked:So you said you own a Macbook, iPhone, iPad, and Nano. My initial reaction to the iPad was meh. Still kind of feel the same way after I’ve seen it in action and played with it in the apple store. Now that the new iPhone 4 is coming out, it seems like it’s almost more powerful than the iPad. So, what are you thoughts about using all four devices. To me, the iPhone essentially removes the need for a Nano (or any other iPod that has less disc space than an iPhone, in my opinion – and even downgrading in size, I’ve realized I don’t need to have every song ever on my iPod. So, my question is, how do you utilize each of the devices? Do you feel like you have too many now? Do you feel like one is kind of being left behind?

Just curious because I love Apple, but I think the iPhone and a Macbook is essential, but I can probably do without the rest now…



A:I love all of my Apple products. But, you’re right, the pad and Nano aren’t essential. Here’s my reasoning: I love the Nano because I can sync it with friends’ computers to get music. As for the iPad, the slim, lightweight tablet is perfect for my frequent trips. It’s SO NICE to not haul a laptop all over the country.

Generally speaking, “The Pad,” as I call it,is not “worth it” – YET! And by your standards it might never be, but it’s a blessing for those of us on the go all day, in and out of meetings, hoping on planes, etc. I also just canceled my cable because I watch more tv on the Pad. Sometimes I take it with me on the elliptical to catch up on the news (written and video). It’s just easier to read the NYTimes and CNN on a bigger screen. I hear Wired just came out with an app that allows you to read the content as it appears in their magazine (pictures too!), but more dynamic. If that’s true, printed publishing is in more trouble than they expected if they don’t swallow their pride and jump on the digital bandwagon sooner.  I digress… When Jobs puts a camera on the Pad, enables the new iOS, works out a few of the kinks, and everyone else upgrades their apps, it will be a purchase you will justify because it meets a need for you. For now, it’s cool for those of us who love gadgets, helpful for travelers, and perfect for those of us who watch tv online

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