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Summer acne sucks.

June 23rd, 2010 No Comments

Summer acne sucks. Ugh.

You would think my face isn’t accustomed to humid heat by the way my pores are clogging left and right.

And some of them, like the two on the right side of my face, are just raging out of control! I mean, big red throbbing bumps on my normally pristine skin that just catch people’s eyes and refuse to let go!  What did I do so wrong to deserve this?!

I’ve called in my beauty reinforcements to send over product.  I really just want to go to the dermo and have him inject them (but who has time for that).  A facial will be absolutely necessary.

Other friends of mine are claiming the same plague has taken over their face.  If anyone out there has a remedy that works (I usually preach a daily routine as prevention which doesn’t apply here), care to share your tips?

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