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June 27th, 2010 No Comments

“Hi Mary – long time reader here…I’m stoked about your ambitious intern’s willingness to take on the challenge that is F21.  I just wore this dress to a cocktail party/dinner on Monday night.  It was $27.00, 100% silk and a dead ringer for the contemporary brands that I’m used to dropping $300+ for.  I couldn’t believe the quality and I had about 20 women ask me where I got it!” — Reader and Tumblr Emily


I’m moving up in the world (aka I have so much stuff going on I can’t keep it straight) so I’ve hired Elizabeth to work as my assistant. She was an intern with me last year and then left to study abroad.  Although I did have astute girls interning with me while she was away, they really never got in the groove with me like Elizabeth.  So with my powers of persuasion (and a little begging ;)) she has kindly taken on my chaos part time.  I continue to offer her a learning experience because that’s the biggest value in working one on one.  Now she also gets compensated for having to attend to the tedious minutia of my life and keeping my schedule organized, which is a charge beyond just entering appointments in a calendar.  No one should have to deal with that for free!

So when you see a picture of Mason’s dog food on the blog followed by my consideration to see if it truly is edible, you’ll know I’m sticking to my guns and adhering to my priorities: wearing hot shoes and not having to spend my time on hold with AT&T.

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