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Inside the new FBG home

June 29th, 2010 No Comments

This morning we went to see Kevin and Scott Frankel’s new spec home. They’ve hired me to consult on their marketing and PR initiatives. These two are so much fun to work with!

But more importantly, their custom homes are stunning while also being green.  Remember the other day when I blogged about Leed standards?  All of their homes are Leed certified which means eco-friendly, safe, efficient, and more affordable for you in the long run.

For more information on their work, check out their website.


Kevin has a true passion for what he does and it comes through when he talks about customizing homes to his clients’ needs. It’s really inspiring to work with him.  Their product truly reflects their passion and attention to detail.  Unlike most builders, they also maintain a relationship with their clients to help them throughout the years.  They make each project personal.  All of the fun features (including an iPhone app!), meticulous building practices, Leed standards, sustainability, coupled with their personable nature makes their company and brand easy to market.

So many of you write to me asking how to start your own business, and I tell you the first thing you need is a die hard passion, a unique selling point, and dedication to doing it right.


I’ve seen a rendering of this pool, it’s pretty cool. The stone circle is actually a submerged hot tub, meaning the water pours out over the edges.

In the back is a lake they dug which makes for a beautiful view.

You’ll see that everything in the house has been done with extensive thought. I’m always impressed with their creativity and ability to keep the price down. Their extras arent’ cheap, but you won’t fall off your chair, that’s all I’m saying.


The Frankels are the only home builders in Houston building Leed homes using sustainable materials for the lowest cost. They do it because it’s what builders SHOULD be doing for the well being of their customers and the environment. In the long run, these standards and practices will save you money. Which makes you wonder, why isn’t everyone building this way?


A couple design tricks they used I thought you might enjoy. Check out how they covered all the books in parchment paper in the office. It makes the room look full and “clutter” look clean. And I like the pictures hanging in the middle of the shelves.


This SIDE of the closet is bigger than a New York apartment!


I love big, high beds. How much do you want to crawl in there right now? And when you’re all cozied up in there, you have a lovely view of the lake.

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