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Just Like A Kiddo Head To Toe

June 29th, 2010 No Comments

Just Like A Kiddo Head To Toe:

— Gucci sunnies

— Diamond studs

— Tom Ford shirt

— Pearls (I know, random right?!)

— Piazza Sempione shorts

— Roger Vivier shoes

I might look like a woman (and tuck into bed early like a grandma), but I licked, slurped, and devoured this cheesecake yogurt in a sprinkle-dipped cone just like an eight year old kid. It was a miracle none of it dripped on my shirt! I don’t think Mr. Ford would appreciate dairy spots on his design….spread all over a naked body would probably be a different story… Well, it seems I’ve left my childish state of mind and digressed to horny teenager!

Anyway, happy Friday!

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