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Is an app enough to change up your workout?

June 30th, 2010 No Comments

Reader fallingflat asked:

Before MTM went under construction, I used to love your fitness posts. I still enjoy your take on exercise because you make it seem so effortless. It’s just something we all should do for our bodies. The pain sucks but the results are worth it. Anyway, I just started running again and bought 2 new apps (100 pushups and 200 squats) and wondered what your take was on exercise apps.

*Just saying, but my goal by summer is to run without feeling fatigued and to be able to squat like a hcamp!

My thoughts:

So glad to hear you’ve kept my main messages with you! As for the apps, whatever gets you motivated and working out is good in my book.

Although, be careful not to let your body get in the habit of running the same distance and doing a certain number of squats with the same movement.  In order for your body to physically change and grow stronger, you have to challenge your muscles by rotating exercises or adding a new element.

If you’re looking to do 200 squats a day to tone your legs, consider some of these alternatives:

  • lunges
  • curtsy lunges
  • squats on a bosu
  • step ups
  • jumping squats
  • adding weights
  • doing a shoulder press or curls while you squat/lunge

In terms of your running, instead of just jogging, add:

  • Running sprints of 30 seconds and slowly jog in between
  • Running uphill
  • Walking uphill
  • Walking lunges
  • High knee intervals

Apologies my fitness posts have been few and far between.  Honestly, my exercise routine isn’t effortless and I’ve been burned out myself recently.  Thankfully I’ve been teaching more spin classes which I LOVE doing more than anything!

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