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Scenes From My Fourth

July 4th, 2010 No Comments

I spent the holiday enjoying all of the comforts the South has to offer: good friends, warm days, cold beer, and smoked bbq by the river.  What more could a girl ask for?!


My girlfriend Alyssa (with me above) and her husband Brian host an annual Fourth of July river party at Brian’s family’s ranch in the Texas hill country. After hearing about it in years past, I finally made the drive out to reconnect with friends and my Texas pride.


Once I hit the dirt road off the highway I was taken back to my more youthful years by the smell of grass and plants.  I don’t know their names, nor can I describe the smell.  It’s woodsy and pinches your nose from the inside.  It’s the best nostalgic reference to the days hunting with my dad that I will ever have.


Country roads technically aren’t pleasant to drive on (especially in an Audi), but I always enjoy it.  Just a Southern thing I reckon.


The main house on the property was built recently and is exemplary of Texas Style. Each tree trunk and stone was hand selected that together create a rich character for the house.



Those steps probably weigh about 50 pounds each!



Fire pits are one of my favorite parts of Southern culture.  When you live in the city, you can gather a group, drink wine, and laugh for hours around a roaring fire, just like you would in the country.


Dinner was a whole smoked pig that was probably THE juiciest and most flavorful pork I’ve ever tasted.  Pair that with baked beans from scratch and you really don’t need anything else.

After dinner the party raged on, fire works went off, and amazingly no one was hurt. Overall, it was the perfect Texas day.

Thank you again to Alyssa and Brian for extending the invitation!

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