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July 5th, 2010 No Comments


maryanne asked:
So… while I was running at the gym today trying to convince myself it would be a good idea to run 5 miles, I hit the 4 mile mark and really wanted to stop but I caught myself saying “MUST HAVE MARY RAMBIN LEGS!” and I kept going and hit 5 miles! 


haha! :D You’re a gym inspiration!

Mary Said:Wow.  That’s….awesome!

I’m not sure why, but I did 3 spin classes today.  Taught two and took the one before mine.   You will never catch me running 5 miles (these days anyway).  That takes a mental strength I just don’t have at my disposal right now. Rock on sister!

And I’ll be honest.  I was blessed with chicken legs.  Spin and religious squats just keep them tight and toned.  It’s my way of turning the negative connotation with skinny legs into a positive :)



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