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It’s not always easy to get in gear.

July 9th, 2010 No Comments

So many of you have blogged and tweeted recently about how you call on me as motivation in your workouts.  Whether the inspiration is physical or mental, I’m so happy to be a source of strength for you.

My personal motivation comes from a lot of different places, and I will never deny that the physical benefits are one of them.  A couple years ago I set out to tone up my arms with Kelly Ripa in my mind.  I’m far from having her definition, but I’m pleased with them at this point.

Moving on to my tummy (which is “where all of the fat goes” – hence the skinny arms and legs),  I look to Jennifer and her killer core for visual motivation.  I mean is it just me or she she looking particularly hot in general these days?!  There truly must be something in that water ;)

So after my errands, I’ll be hitting the gym pretty hard today :)  And then sitting down to fajitas and skinny margaritas at Escalantes for Missy’s birthday.  It’s the perfect afternoon!

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