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My Makeup Routine-Summer!

July 11th, 2010 No Comments

My traveling face exposed.

Pretty neutral. I’m going “au natural” with my look this summer. In fact, I’ve cut out a lot of this stuff for daytime wear.

My usual day consists of conclear, tinted moisturizer, a little powder, mascara, and eyebrow pencil. Maybe a little creme tint on my cheeks. Just cleaning up what God gave me basically.

At night, I employ more product to define and highlight. On the left, you’ll see the Eve Pearl Sapphire eyes palette that gives me a little color when I need it.

A quick brand breakdown:

— Rectangular powders and dual foundation are Eve Pearl

— Square powders are Jouer

— Circular powder is Mac

— Bottom right corner, Stila kitten, a must for everyone

— Revlon Lash fantasy mascara in Blackened Brown

(Full Disclosure: All products were sent via PR but I loved them so much I abandoned Chanel and Max…well, at least for everyday colors.)

Putting on my face. Not stabbing myself in the eye guys. Sometimes I wonder what men REALLY think of the whole makeup routine. And do they really prefer a fresh face? Because I’m thinking no one wants my three zits staring at them while they’re trying to enjoy a juicy steak.

Photo shoot day meets running around like crazy day. Not a good combo. I popped into Bubble Blow Dry, a walk in salon that gets you glam in minutes. Perfect concept for my day!

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