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Teaching Spin is More Than Just A Certification

July 25th, 2010 No Comments

almondbutter asked:Hi Mary, 
First, I love your blog!! I’m not sure if you’ve already answered this but how did you go about becoming a spin instructor? What sort of certifications do you need and where did you get yours? I’m interested in becoming one. 


To be honest, anyone with a brain can technically be certified as a spin instructor.  You can go towww.spinning.com, take a day course, and then an online test.

Your real resource is the teachers you enjoy because inevitably you will take their routine and manipulate it to be your own.  I advise spinning for at least a couple of years so you can watch, learn and let your ride evolve.

To get hired and be a successful instructor is not so easy.  Just like anything else, you have to be passionate about teaching, like to perform (because you have to be “on” to get your class motivated), and desire to inspire others.  Anyone can put on a cd and scream.  You really have to want to connect with others and understand how to do that with the music, your banter, and your energy.

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