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My new blog @HoustonSocial for The Houston Chronicle

July 27th, 2010 No Comments

I just launched a new blog: @HoustonSocial for The Chronicle

Along with contributing features to The Good Life Section (and coming soon 2995) I’ve just launched a blog to help educate Houstonians on social media.

For those of us active in the blogosphere, the information will seem like ancient history. But as with fashion, Houston is a little slow in adopting trends. Southerners in general are adverse to change.

While consulting and even socializing in Houston, I realized so many people are unfamiliar with blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc and how to harness these tools. So I’ve launched this blog for The Chronicle (a source they trust) to inform them and help them make baby steps in learning the space.

P.S. I know I look like a drag queen in my profile pic, but it’s the only recent hi res photo I have. It was taken at fashion week so the make up was caked on pretty thick for the camera.

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