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Postcards from Playa Del Carmen

August 5th, 2010 No Comments

GPOYW: You don’t need to see me edition

Lunch (almuerzo in Spanish – you’ve just learned something today!). These veggies were grown down the street and grilled lightly. No seasoning needed. Wrap it up in a handmade tortilla and you’ve got a meal.

(This post has been updated.  Wow, totally embarrassed I wrote breakfast instead of lunch.  Must have been the tequila typing).


With a fresh pineapple margarita. Case and point: Mexico is healthier than the States.


Annnnd…scene. Nap time!

After my nap. Living on the edge and tanning topless. No, I’m not going to show you. Honestly I’m a little uncomfortable with the whole situation even though there’s no one here…. Just thought I’d try it out, go crazy. But this kind of behavior might be a little to extreme for me…before a couple cocktails anyway.


Umm, has anyone seen my ass? It must be around here somewhere. I swore I brought it…


Almuerzo ;)



“Way down here

You need a reason to move

Feel a fool

Running your stateside games

Lose your load

Leave your mind behind, Baby James 

Oh, Mexico….”

—Mexico, James Taylor

Mason is so stressed out.


Our idea of a good time.


Good morning from paradise.

Not sure if you remember this, but last time I came down, it rained continuously for 6 days straight!  On this trip, the weather is flawless: not too hot, a cool breeze comes off the ocean, and I have great friends here to share it with.

Now that’s what I call Smile Friday :)


Digging out the vein to get to the taco isn’t ever fun, but totally worth the effort…or the extra bucks per pound to have them already de-pooed.


Another fabulously fresh and simple lunch: shrimp tacos with Sarah’s pineapple salsa.

To make the salsa all you have to do is chop up:

— pineapple

— onion

— jalapeño

— red bell pepper

Add a little olive oil, a squeeze of lime, and you’re done. Use it with broiled white fish, cold green beans, or chips.



And today’s beach bum nap album, The XX. It’s mellow and motontonous but has personallity and soul.  Honestly, I’m terrible at describing music, it’s just a fucking amazing album.  I use it for spin (“Crystalized”) and to fall asleep. How that’s possible is beyond me, but I’m digging it.

(Click here to preview or buy on iTunes)



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