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Raw Veggies Might Not Be The Best Option For You

August 5th, 2010 No Comments

September Death, founder of Red Carpet Cleanse, wrote a piece in her latest newsletter about…well, farting….not in a gross way, just why it happens.  Anyway, she offers the suggestion that if you get gassy after eating raw veggies, you might consider the fact your stomach can’t digest them properly.

Here’s her reasoning:

“Raw veggies are certainly good for you but not if you lack digestive enzymes and HCL to break down roughage into a state that the body can utilize.  (HCL is the acid that is generated in your stomach that helps to breakdown your food and as you age it get s less and less).  What I found to help with digestion is to steam veggies and or juice them to get their nutritive value.  Green juices are incredibly soothing to the intestines and are packed with healing a life force.

How do you know if you lack digestive enzymes and HCL you will probably complain that raw fruits and veggies cause you indigestion.  A good quick test is to drink beet juice and if your urine or bowel movement has any pinkish tone then you are lacking HCL and you can assist that by taking HCL supplements to rebuild it.”

(Full Disclosure: RCC provided me one free cleanse last year.  If I lived in LA, it would be my first choice for a juice cleanse hands down.)

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