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Quick Review: Caffe Bello

August 17th, 2010 No Comments

I can’t wait to tell you about my A-MAZ-ING lunch of truly authentic Italian dishes at Caffe Bello. They invited me to do a review because despite the fact I’m not a fan of Ciao Bello (their sister establishment near the Galleria), they knew the fresh fare and inventive flavors would have me serenading Chef Michael Dei Maggi. I didn’t…because my singing is insulting. But a rave review is on the horizon.

See that crust…it’s as thin as paper and not soggy. Do you know how hard that us to do?!! Apparently the secret lies in the flour and water combo that Dei Maggi has perfected.

(Full disclosure, the meal was comped, but I will be throwing down my card there asap.)


They won me over way before the pappardelle – my favorite pasta when made properly.

Wait, hold my horses, I’ll save the rest for a write up.

It was just so so so delicious.

I feel like a nap, but thankfully I’m off to teach spin!!

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