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Start a Riot on your iPod.

September 1st, 2010 No Comments

I just downloaded two songs (Boy and Too Dramatic) from this band, Ra Ra Riot (they have a tumblr too).  I’m definitely not cool enough to have discovered them on my own…Although with the help of some concerned friends and readers, I’m expanding my horizons.

But I want to say thanks to the staff at Tumblr for currating all the cool kids’ stuff in one place so I can feel like I’m hip too when I pass along these treasures.

Name Ra Ra Riot
Location Formed in Syracuse, NY / Currently touring
First Post July 2009

Ra Ra Riot is an indie rock band from Syracuse, NY that fuses swooning strings and intricate, emotional vocals to create a unique sound. Formed way back in 2006, they got their start doing shows around the Syracuse University campus and eventually moved up to music festivals. Consisting of a vocalist, guitarist, bassist, cellist, violinist, and drummer, they quickly started to grab attention thanks to their energetic live performances and the well-orchestrated layers of their music. RRR use their blog to show fans glimpses into their daily lives and into life on the road as they tour the world. Their second full-length album, The Orchard, drops today.

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