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The color of money

September 8th, 2010 No Comments

My spin mentor Stacy used to wear bright yellow to class when she wanted the sun to come out during June gloom. I pulled the move this morning with my Soul Cycle headband AND added green pants after I drained my bank account to pay bills. And what do you know, sun and money found me within minutes!! Twenty bucks snuck out from under my seat to turn my morning around. Now I’m to run the park with an extra kick in my step.


My $20 find this morning got me thinking… Am I stressed because of money or does money make me happy? I’ve never thought that my emotions or satisfaction were driven by dollars and cents but maybe I’m just kidding myself? In fact, this study proves me wrong. Maybe we just need to be more honest with ourselves…. Click through and read:

Money Can Buy Happiness, Study Shows

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