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Assessing Intentions

September 12th, 2010 No Comments

If an affluent gentleman enters your gathering wearing the finest clothes and priceless jewelry, don’t trip over each other to welcome him. And if a penniless bum crawls in with his shabby clothes and a stench that fills the room, don’t look away or pretend you don’t notice – offer him a seat up front next to you.

James 2:2

In this passage, James reminds us not to judge people based upon wealth, amongst other important lessons.

But it made me think of something else too.

I’ve come across people who only want to “network” when confronted with new people instead of learning about them as individuals.  To think that only those who can connect you and advance your corporate climb are the only people worth knowing is…well, sad, in my opinion.  True friends and even acquaintances add so much value and depth to our existence when they offer their insight, humor, companionship, trust, loyalty.  I know you think this concept is fundamental – I do.  But I have met a few people I consider to be lost because they truly do not understand the value of a friend who isn’t a “contact.”

What I find at church is not only an exploration of my faith or realizing I should allow myself grace, but also a reminder of the fundamentals to living a good life.  Unfortunately that exposes the foul nature of humans, but when I am surrounded in a room of people with open minds and hearts,  I feel like there is hope for me and for us as a society.

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