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Reflecting on 9/11

September 13th, 2010 No Comments

I’m not sure how this habit came about for me, but I never reflect on tragedies, holidays, successes, losses, birthdays, deaths, etc on the day of the event or anniversary of it.  I wait a few days until after fact.  Something flips a switch and then I can find a sense of clarity about the situation.

This post inspired my September 11th reflection.

The original blogger is right: we’re alive, we’re blessed, and we should revel in every experience we have in this life.


larssss: Nine years after his son went missing on Sept. 11/01, Judson Box has finally found some closure. After scouring the archives of theNational 9/11 Museum and the memorial’s website, which allows users to upload photos from 9/11 directly to the site, Box found this last  image of his son.

Its Monday, go do something amazing.

(via politico)

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