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REVIEW: Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Hand & Nail Cream by Jaclyn Day

September 14th, 2010 No Comments

From a girl who suffers from hangnails and unruly cuticles, thank you for this review Jaclyn!

Below are selections from Jaclyn’s thoughts on a cream she claims revitalized her hands. Click here to read her whole post.

REVIEW: Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Hand & Nail Cream

…I wanted to show a photo of my hand for this review because it’s a testament to how well this product works. I’ve been a chronic sufferer of all things hangnail. My cuticles get dry and crack, and I used to have hangnails dotting each finger. In addition to being…not so nice to look at, they often hurt or even bled…

I’ve been using it every day, about twice a day: once while I’m working and once before I go to sleep. The result? (And I’m not kidding.) I don’t remember the last time I had a hangnail.

Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Hand & Nail Cream, $25

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