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September 15th, 2010 No Comments

Art A La Carte

Designers weren’t the only artists displaying their work at Fashion’s Night Out events in Houston.  Check out these three painters whose pieces really spoke to me.


He’s actually become a friend after I met at last summer at the Colton and Farb Gallery. On first glance I fell IN LOVE with his work and the first painting below has been on my desktop and Twitter page every since.  Last night his pieces adorned Mariposa, the cafe in Neiman Marcus.




We came across her installation called “If Nothing Else Matters” at the PEEL Gallery. She creates paper mache sculptures using big designer brands and their quintessential pieces to make you think about the necessity and use of the products.

(Goyard Violin Case)




And she’s also known for replicating old magazine covers and ads.



Her latest work revolves around her sexual orientation.



A native Houstonian, Joe has been a successful artist longer than I have been alive.  Obviously he’s much cooler than me, but was sweet enough to show me around his show at the new Barbara Davis Gallery.

Joe saturates the canvas with newspaper print and then removes the actual paper.  His pantings seem quite one dimensional in photos, but up close they have a lot of character.  Because they’re simple and not too bold, the pieces in this series would work in so many different interior aesthetics.

He also does sculpture which I didn’t get to hear a lot about, but again, it seems pretty versatile.



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