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Sarah Stanley Inspired

September 16th, 2010 No Comments

Meet one of the most selfless and inspiring girls I know.

“Not only is Run Ride Inspire the ultimate personal challenge, but it gives me the platform to engage thousands of people across the country in a conversation about fitness and healthy living,” said Sarah. “I’m happy to sweat in order to educate children and adults with the knowledge, motivation, and tools they need to lead healthier, happier lives.”  — Sarah Stanley

Sarah is a girl who has transformed her passion for fitness into a way to help others.  We attended a Nutrilite blogger’s conference last year, and with the same interests, we hit it off instantly.

Her current endeavor – the Celebration Ride – is a six day tour through the northeast is an effort to encourage kids to eat healthy.  Along with the ride, she’s visiting schools and running a half marathon with kids in Washington DC.

Support her journey and all of her endeavor’s on her blog, Sarah Stanley Inspired, or….get on a bike and ride 300 miles.  You’re choice ;)

Ride on Sarah!

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