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September 20th, 2010 No Comments

Pulling clothes from Tootsies for my photo shoot tomorrow. It’s time for new pictures and I finally settled on a day to do it (aka the last possible second to get them done for the new MTM layout).

Browsing through The Book for outfit ideas for tomorrow’s photo shoot.  Neimans is always a good source of inspiration when you’re looking to incorporate trends but not from the extremities of the fashion world.  I want these pictures to last a few years, so I’m playing it safe with my style choices….because l’ll be honest, I don’t want to produce another one of these days for a LONG time.  I’ll show up, but putting it all together is just not my idea of fun.

Craft service, breakfast. Check.

I’ve got Edward on my face, Mom on the iPhone, Morris setting up….t minus 30 to start shooting.

Remember my friend Edward Sanchez? Well, he happens to be THE BEST makeup artist in Houston (see my photo from the Opera Ball) and capitulated when I begged for him to block out a day to do my make up, hair, and help direct me in front of the camera. The man is a jack of all trades and permeates his positive energy to the whole crew.

Mason gets into the act!!

My girl has got some nice wheels (blogger Mom)

Morris has an amazing, undiscovered eye and is doing my shoot for his book. With all of the people I’ve worked with, I’m really impressed!www.MorrisMalakoff.com

Lookin’ good.

I really really really don’t want to take back all of these cute clothes to Tootsies.

Pieces left to right:

  • Alice + Olivia sequin jacket – $500
  • Robert Rodriguez black silk top – $265
  • Laundry dress – $285

That’s the difference in pulling from a store instead of a showroom. From a showroom you can actually wear the clothes for a week or so. But when you take clothes from a store it’s only fair to wear them for the shoot. Oh well, you guys liked my wardrobe for fall and winter last year right? Let’s see if we can reinvent it for another strut down the blog shall we?

Told you we got creative. Check out my inner model rearing her serious face. I wonder if I was “smizing?” Haha. These prop tricks either look really awesome or totally stupid. But when one hits, that pic quickly becomes your favorite. My verdict is still out on this one.


Final touches, one more quick change, and this shoot is done! I feel like we shot s whole catalogue…in a good way. Morris had some great ideas so we got creative. Edward made me look like (or at least feel like) a million bucks. And Mom just being here puts me in a good mood. Everything went so smoothly. Can’t wait to see the pics!!


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