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Making new friends

September 24th, 2010 No Comments

When I travel I love to meet new people.  I feel like hearing other people’s stories allows me to see the world in a new way through their eyes and take a bite of another culture.

I know it’s uncomfortable to go up to people and introduce yourself or strike up a conversation at a bar, especially if you’re not traveling. But I dare you to try it.  Venture out on your own and see who you meet.  You might hear a good story, adopt a new idea, learn something about yourself, or even make a friend.

Bob and I met at a small bar in New Canaan and in a couple years he has quickly become one of my favorite people in the world. I wouldn’t want to live life without my friend Bob.

So instead of being intimidated by the awkwardness, shove it aside, smile, and introduce yourself with confidence.  You have so much to offer that person too!

(via somethingchanged via madeleinepascal, via scouting ny)

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